Top 10 Best Rated PS4 Headsets 2023

Getting the best PS4 headsets is the most straightforward approach to getting the full sound immersion, and has the greatest effect on your gaming sessions. TV speakers may get the job done from the start, and be adequate to make you feel that they are all you need, however, putting on the best ps4 headset will change your mentality totally:

You will all of a sudden become aware of the littlest little sound details prompts on the planet; you hear gunfire with expanded lucidity, and you’re even mindful of other players and characters moving closer to you. Buy any of the best Ps4 headsets listed below and have no regrets.

Best Ps4 Headsets 2023

1. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

With the current design and brands of Ps4 headset in the market, we can categorically say this is the best Ps4 headset you can invest your money on as it comes with great quality and price. The audio delivery of this headset is great and unique. Also, the bass delivery is great and the other features are listed below;

  • Comes with 50mm drivers
  • Weight is about 322g
  • Comes with 5.1 audio surround
  • Noise cancellation
  • Comes with a USB
  • It is infused with cooling gel

Price: $89.99


  • Design is sturdy
  • Comfortable on the ears


  • Features could be much better

2. Sony PlayStation Wireless Platinum

Sony has been a household name in the sound industry and you won’t expect to get anything less with the Sony PlayStation Wireless Platinum headset. It comes with a fantastic price and the sound quality you get from this headset is from a platinum design. Its keynote features are listed below;

  • Promises a 6-hour battery life
  • Offers 50mm drivers
  • 1 virtual surround sound
  • 3D audio tech
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Wireless connection

Price: $69.38


  • Comfort is the key point to this
  • It is very attractive


  • Somewhat Redundant companion application

3. Razer Nari Ultimate

The rumble functionality that comes with this headset makes it a distinct Ps4 headset and the fact that it offers unique vibration feel when bigger sounds are made is even great. It is an immersive headset that delivers great audio and you will love it. Features include;

  • Battery life is up to 8 hours when in HyperSense mode and 20 hours when not in HyperSense mode
  • It weighs about 430g
  • Wireless connection
  • Cooling gel is infused
  • 4GHz wireless audio
  • THX spatial audio

Price: $199.99


  • Battery life is great
  • It comes with a unique hypersense feature


  • Has a poor hepatic feedback

4. Beyerdynamic Custom Game

For comfort and sound quality that is high above the sky, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset is the one to invest in. This headset sets a great tone for other gaming headsets as it allows you to feel like you are moving in the game with the sound quality. Its features are listed below;

  • Comes with detachable remote control
  • 9ft extension cable
  • Wired connection
  • Comes with superb microphone
  • Frequency response is 5Hz-35,000Hz
  • Sturdy design

Price: $162.04


  • Mic is superb
  • Audio output is terrific


  • Doesn’t look attractive

5. Turtle Beach Stealth 700

With the wireless connection design, you would readily like this headset because it produces great audio quality and comfort is a big plus for this headset. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset is made to cancel noise and the battery life is genuinely great. See the keynote features below;

  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile app control
  • Noise cancelation
  • Audio is smooth
  • Surround sound technology
  • USB adapter

Price: $67.88


  • Sound is excellent
  • It is glasses comfortable


  • Could have better features

6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

Superb quality sound mixed with varieties of features that will make you enjoy your gaming adventure to the fullest is what you get from the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC headset. With the high-resolution audio delivery and great sound clarity, you will definitely love this headset. Its features are listed below;

  • Comes with 50mm drivers
  • It is provided with 1.5m cable
  • Comes with OLED menu
  • High-resolution sound
  • Sound clarity
  • Weighs about 312g

Price: $304.00


  • Comes with dynamism
  • The metallic construction makes it great


  • A little expensive

7. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is targeted at those who like to play shooting games because it readily crops out the sound of the guns for your awareness. Also, competitive game players will love this headset as it delivers crisp sound and you will definitely feel like you are in the game. Its features are listed below;

  • Comes with a 1.5m cable
  • Offers 50mm drivers
  • Multi-device capability
  • Sturdy design
  • Noise cancellation
  • USB cable

Price: $239.95


  • Comfortable and lovely
  • Microphone is top-notch


  • It doesn’t perform well when used for non-gaming activities

8. Turtle Beach Recon 50P

For individuals that prefer to spend less and still want a quality headset, this is for you because it is just so budget-friendly and that does not cut down on the quality it delivers. It comes with varieties of features that make your gaming experience a wonderful one. Its features are listed below;

  • Comes with a surround sound
  • 40mm drivers
  • Great ear cushions
  • The cable is 1.5m long
  • Sturdy design
  • Great sound

Price: $29.99


  • Highly budget-friendly
  • It is comfortable on the ears


  • The mic is not that great

9. Astro A40 + MixAmp Pro

With the great and immersive sound that is generated by this headset, you will love it firsthand plus it has great features that will immediately thrill you. It comes with great comfort and the USB type C function also adds to the value. Its features include;

  • USB type C capability
  • Readily compatible with Mod kit
  • Audio quality is great
  • Multi-compatible device
  • Fit and finish is outstanding
  • Dolby surround mode

Price: $198.19


  • Immersive sound
  • Wireless performance


  • Without complaints

10. SteelSeries Arctis 7

Getting this headset for your Ps4 adventure means you are getting a total package as it serves you just right and delivers great sound thanks to the fascinating speakers. Features are listed below;

  • 4G wireless connection
  • Low interference feature
  • Mic is great
  • Comes with S1 speaker drivers
  • 360-degree immersive precision audio
  • Surround sound

Price: $119.94


  • Strong wireless connection
  • Great build


  • Surround mode is not as great

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