Top 10 Best Rated Sleep Trackers 2022

An important, if not the most important part of being happy and healthy is getting a good night’s rest. For most of us, we sleep when we feel tired and wake up when we either have work to do or no longer feel tired. While this may be enough for some, if you still do not feel rested enough, you may want to look at a sleep tracker.

These smart devices are made in various shapes, sizes and forms; from wristbands to watches. What these marvellous devices do is to use echolocation to track your movement and breathing while you sleep. They then use algorithms to extrapolate from the data how well you actually sleep.

The numerous methods and specs available for sleep trackers often make it difficult for potential buyers to make informed choices. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best sleep trackers of 2022 below.

Best Sleep Tracker 2022

1. Nokia/Withings Steel

To say that Withings Steel has had an interesting year will be an understatement. Nokia bought Withings Steel last year only to sell it back this year. Despite this though, the Nokia Steel analogue watch is the perfect choice for a budget buyer. You get a 0-100% dial to monitor your daily activities and also the time in one purchase. Its main selling point, however, remains the six-month runtime that comes with it. Nokia Steel performs excellently both as a fitness tracker and as a sleep tracker.


  • Stylish design
  • Analog
  • Versatile, adaptable, and durable
  • Eight-month max runtime
  • Reasonable price
  • It is also a fitness tracker


  • Manual battery change
  • Can’t track heart rate

2. Beautyrest

It has a smartphone app for you to receive the data collected by the contactless device that sits under the bed. The setup is easy and only needs to be done once since sleep tracking is automatic on detection. Beautyrest measures comprehensively all four stages of sleep and tracks both breathing rates and heart rate.


  • Offers daily coaching sleep advice
  • Easy setup
  • Accurate tracking
  • Measures all four sleep stages
  • Automated tracking option
  • Cheap


  • Annual subscription required
  • Needs to stay connected to home Wi-Fi

3. Nokia/Withings Sleep

Unlike Nokia Steel, Nokia /Withings Sleep is specialized for tracking sleep patterns. This not only makes it a cheaper, lighter option but also a higher-performing one too. It slips under your mattress easily which means you don’t have to put on anything as you jump into bed. From your heart rate and sleep phases to your snoring and sleeping duration, Nokia Sleep monitors it all.


  • Monitors lots of data
  • Easy use
  • Not visible during use
  • No need to wear anything
  • More accurate relatively
  • Cheap and compact


  • Not a common option
  • For one person use only

4. Emfit QS HRV

As the name suggests, QS from Emfit uses heart rate variability (HRV) in its sleep-based recovery analytics for athletes. Its biggest selling point is the ability to scale body recovery using this method. The quantified sleep (QS) part of the name also describes its function in deep tracking sleep stats over a one-year metric.


  • Unique approach
  • Designed for athlete recovery monitoring
  • Under-mattress design
  • Innovative approaches


  • Not for recreational usage
  • Pricy

5. Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor

From your breath per minute to heart rate data, Beddit 3 collates all these data onto its smartphone App for detailed analysis. Not only will this tiny, lightweight device tell you if you’ve been snoring, but you also don’t have to wear anything. Among other things, the humidity and temperature variations of your room are also recorded. All these data go into helping you optimize your sleeping habits and environments.

While designed for only one-person use, it still performs accurately in the presence of a partner.


  • For one- or two-people use
  • Direct automatic sleep tracking
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Now an apple device


  • Moves around under the bed
  • Can be felt while sleeping

6. SleepScore Max

This device acts like a bed stand and uses echolocation to track breathing and sleep patterns with amazing accuracy. Scanning is done 16 times per second with I0w-energy radio waves with extreme detection capabilities. SleepScore Max can also become more accurate should you choose to give it regular updates on your food inputs.


  • Provides powerful insights
  • Accurate sensor readings
  • Cheap


  • No Wi-Fi smartphone compatibility
  • No auto-sleep tracking

7. Fitbit Versa 2

Customisable straps, sleek look, ridiculous battery, apps and features, and intense sensors make Versa 2 a choice to beat. Its sleep tracking function while generic and not the best performing beats out most other offers by having the best data accuracy.


  • Accurate
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Sleep stages data is intense
  • Popular product


  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Expensive
  • Not a specialized sleep tracker choice

8. ResMed S+

For all the talk of being a lot more comfortable by placing it on the bed, sleep trackers still don’t have the best design. ResMed S+ stands out by being designed to rest on a bedside table while you sleep. Despite no body contact, S+ can still accurately measure heart rate, breathing level, and movement. It also records data on light, noise, temperature, and humidity for you. ResMed’s greatest advantage though is the advice it offers its users before and after sleep.


  • Bedside design
  • Accurate data collation
  • Deep tips and feedbacks
  • Wide monitoring ranges
  • Affordable


  • Only for one-person use
  • Must be placed perfectly

9. Polar M430

M430 from Polar is one of the watch-type sleep trackers to make this list for a lot of reasons. The watch’s accelerometer delivers a Sleep Plus System with insightful feedback. Since it provides your actual sleep time and delivers continuous sleep data over time, it is an ideal choice. With its fitness tracking capabilities, you can measure your sleep rating against your workouts. A companion app on the Playstore makes tracking an easy thing by bringing it t your smartphone.


  • Accurate heart rate data
  • Superb runtime
  • Can rate sleep performance against workouts


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Not a specialized sleep tracker
  • Old design look

10. Oura Ring

It is a slim package that maxes out at the size of a wedding ring from Oura. Even though no Smart Ring device ever made it past prototyping, Oura Ring is one of a kind. It tracks your movement, breathing, and heartbeats through the night and presents it as a graph/bar chart.


  • Gives readiness scores
  • Smart ring design
  • Accurate to a tee


  • The ring design is not for everyone
  • Pricy

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