Top 10 Best Rated Smokers 2020


For food smokers, regardless of whether you like to fish or hunt for meat, smoking meat is a dependable method to fix and upgrade the favour. Utilizing the best smoker is an incredible method to add a little spice to locally acquired meats, smoking an extraordinary cut is a procedure anybody can appreciate.

Obviously, there’s more than one approach to smoke your meats and more than one sort of smoker to take care of business. Hence, we have listed the best smokers for 2020 below;

Best Smokers 2020

1. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is one of the best pellet smokers you will find in the market today. This is a big upgrade to the analogue smokers that consumes a massive amount of fuel. With the auger powered pellet, you can automate the smoking process. Also, you can easily set this smoker to either cook fast or slow. Its features are listed below;

  • Digital control
  • Comes with a 20-pound pellet hopper
  • Fast or slow cook
  • Grill or smoke option
  • Comes with barbecue wood fire pellet
  • Comes with a 187sq rack

Price: $443.07


  • Easy to use
  • Evenly distribute heat


  • No complaints

2. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker

There is a belief that propane is the best way to heat and smoke but we can tell you this smoker gives so much detail to the use of electric smokers because you will find it pretty easy and straight forward. It comes with a very big see through window that will give you great view to see what you are smoking. Its keynote features include;

  • 800-watt heating element
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Connection to mobile phone
  • Four chrome coated smoking racks
  • 721 sq. inch of cooking space
  • Up to 275 degree

Price: $343.98


  • Smooth smoking
  • Advanced technology build


  • Sometimes doesn’t last long

3. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

This is built with style and it comes in the form of a cabinet. The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is built to operate with electricity and you will love that it comes with a Bluetooth feature. It comes in a stainless steel rack, with a viewing window, all to make your cooking efficient. Its keynote features are listed below;

  • Stainless steel design
  • comes with an insulated and double wall connection
  • Removable food thermometer
  • Glassdoor design
  • Dual tone finish
  • LED display

Price: $281.89


  • It is a digital food thermometer
  • Comes with 725 square in capacity


  • No complaints

4. Dyna-Glo Charcoal Offset Smoker

This is one of the world’s premium charcoal smoker and it is on this list for various positive reasons. The durability of the build is unique while also promising unique array of features that will make your work easier. It comes as a big smoker in terms of size and the price is very well reasonable. The features are listed below;

  • Designed to come with heavy gauge porcelain and enamelled steel
  • Heavy-duty cast iron burner at 15,000 BTU
  • Comes with electronic pulse ignition
  • Comes with 784 square Inch smoking space
  • Dual door feature
  • High temperature coat finish

Price: $164.79


  • Durable design
  • Comes with smoker protection


  • Requires some simple tweaking to function well

5. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

This is a well-designed compact drum smoker and you will be glad to know it is a classic design smoker. It has been around for a while and the quality it offers hasn’t waned for anything. It comes with an array of features that will readily interest you as well as making your cooking job very easy and straightforward. Its keynote feature includes;

  • Silicone temperature grommet
  • Easily adjustable dampers
  • Fuel door
  • Comes with porcelain-enamelled lid
  • Dual cooking grates
  • Great cooking room

Price: $278.99


  • Long-lasting
  • Classic design


  • No complaints

6. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Gas Smoker

The Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Gas Smoker is designed to be cleaner and pretty much easy to use. It comes with great reliability and it comes with two different doors that are designed with steel handles. You can bet that this smoker will last longer with you than you can ever imagine. It comes in a sturdy design and you will be glad you invest in this smoker. Features are listed below;

  • Seal tight doors
  • Removable stainless steel shelves
  • Porcelain-enamelled steel
  • Comes with temperature and smoke control
  • 40-inch propane hose
  • Inbuilt thermometer

Price: $170.98


  • You will have access to two doors
  • It is a propane powered smoker


  • Somewhat inaccurate temperature gauge

7. Smoke Hollow 38-Inch Propane Gas Smoker

This is a propane smoker with massive efficiency that will thrill you all the way. This smoker is genuinely unique and the features are just superb. It is pretty large and you will like to know that it comes from a reputable brand. It comes with double door design and its separate drip pan makes it a standout. Its features are listed below;

  • 4 chrome platedcooking grids
  • Multiple adjustment levels
  • Sausage hanger functionality
  • Push to start button
  • 4 cubic feet capacity
  • 20,000 BTU of gas output

Price: $199.08


  • Propane cooker
  • It is a vertical design


  • Somewhat very large

8. Oklahoma Joe Highland

The Oklahoma Joe Highland is an offset smoker with a unique heat control feature. With this smoker, you will definitely be promised a better output. It comes with durable metals and the smoker is designed with heavy-duty materials. Its features are listed below;

  • Heavy-gauge all-steel construction
  • 900 sq. inch capacity
  • Comes with wheels
  • Multi dampers
  • Heat control feature
  • Weighs about 178 lbs

Price: $430.89


  • Durable and strong design
  • Heat control feature is great


  • No complaints

9. Bradley Smoker

The first thing to about this smoker is the high-grade quality material used in manufacturing this machine. It is beasty and will deliver great quality that will make your cooking smooth and easy. Its features are listed below;

  • Comes with 6 cooking racks
  • Offers full digital control
  • 6 digital rack smoker
  • 8 hours of smoke control
  • Come in various flavours of hardwoods

Price: 407.70


  • Can cook meat, pork, fish and chicken
  • Highly durable


  • Not as durable as advertised