Top 10 Best Rated Swimsuits 2023

We will be reviewing the best swimsuits for 2023, as picked by top reviewers and customers alike. This review is a product of incisive research and scrutiny by top reviewers.

Therefore, we are not arranging them in any other of preference or based on how well we think each of these performs than the rest in the list.

Here are the best swimsuits for 2023 as captured below, showing their features, what we loved and what we think should be done better:

1. Pink Gingham High-Rise Bikini

It is a strapped checkered bikini which will accentuate a woman’s full body.

Its high waist bottom has a firm grip on the butt, giving a hugging feel to the wearer.

The Pink Gingham High-Rise Bikini sells as a whole

Price: $39.99


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable material


  • It is for women with bigger, fuller busts.
  • Suitable for those who do not mind showing off a little skin.

2. Checkered High-rise Bikini

This is a checkered bikini that accentuates the body of a plump woman. It gives a form fitting appearance which enhances the confidence of a woman, comfortable in her skin. Its strong slim halter-neck straps make it comfortable wear as it supports the chest. The high waist bottom while, hugging the body, also gives support to the back of the wearer.

Price is $44.99


  • It is affordable
  • For both big and small ladies.


  • It is best for women who are confident in their body and would not mind showing a little skin.

3. Map printed one-piece

This is a one-piece bikini with a tropical design with a deep neckline, designed to show hints of cleavage without being offensive. The firm strap give support to the back while the high cut cups, adequately covers the boobs.

Price: $49.99


  • Adequate support to the back
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is not too pricey


  • It is for the daring woman
  • It is for medium and big breasted ladies; it would be the perfect rockers of the Bali Bikini.
  • Very ideal for slim women

4. Floral Off shoulder Bikini

If you want to make a statement on the beach, then this floral off-shoulder bikini from ASOS is your best choice. It comes in a beautiful floral print material with a simple and elegant off the shoulder design. Its major attraction is the unique off shoulder design and the cup is cut in such a way that it entirely covers up the boobs of the wearer.

Price: $17.00


  • It is very cheap
  • It is suitable wear for both big and small women.
  • It has low hanging bottom showcase the hourglass figure of the wearer.


  • It is very colorful.
  • Its low hanging bottom is designed for those with flat tummy.

5. Plus-size Holographic two-piece

This shiny two piece bikini specifically designed for plus sized women is suitable for the woman who is confident in her big body and does not mind showing off a bit of skin. It has a low cut frontline that dips seductively down the cleavage without revealing too much skin.



  • Beautiful design
  • Designed for plus-size women


  • It is for big and bold women only
  • Very bright

6. Animal Print Bikini

This Animal Print Bikini will keep all heads turning by the time you show up at the beach. The high rise cups gives a firm support to the boobs while its deep neckline gives a hint of what the cleavage holds.

Price: $24.98


  • It is quite affordable
  • It is designed to flatter the body of the wearer.
  • It highlights the body of the wearer without being provocative.


  • Most suitable for small petite women.

7. Lace-up High Waist Bikini

This beautiful and chic high waist bikini will definitely make you turn heads when you step out in class at the beach. It has a very strong and supportive strap that supports the chest and back. Its perforated front where you lace-up to fasten the bikini gives a hint of the cleavage without being provocative. Its high waist bottom clings to the skin and gives ample support to the back.



  • It has Firm straps
  • It has a Beautiful design
  • It is very supportive


  • It is suitable for the big and bold
  • Not meant for small petite women

8. Ruffled Off The Shoulder Bikini

This bikini from ASOS has made our list of best swimsuits 2023 with its unique design. It has a ruffled sleeve with a straight cut neckline. It is made from a cool and stretchy spandex material, making it a perfect wear for all sizes.

Price: $17.50


  • It is very affordable.
  • It is sensual without being offensive.
  • It is suitable for all body types.


  • When wet, it will be very clingy.

9. Gingham One-Piece Suit

This is a unique swimsuit that can double as a bodysuit on a casual day out. Its plaid design is very busy and gives ample support to the back. It also has strong firm straps that firmly supports the boobs. The neckline is not revealing at all. Its back is very low.

Price: $110.00


  • It is suitable for all body sizes
  • It can double as a bodysuit for a casual hang out
  • It is made of quality plaid material
  • It Is available in different colours


  • It is very expensive

10. Leopard off the Shoulder Bikini

This unique and colourful bikini from ASOS which has a straight cut frontline and sleeves gathered with an elastic band has made our list of best swimsuit 2023. The bikini is a colourful mixture of both rainbow and leopard prints. Its low waist bottom was designed to accentuate the feminine features of the wearer without being provocative.

Price: $9.00


  • It is very affordable
  • It is very beautiful and colourful
  • It flaunts the feminine features of the wearer.


  • It is best for slim women with flat tummies
  • It is meant for women with small or moderate boobs.

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