Top 10 Best Rated Travel Tripods 2023

These tripods are the best travel tripods for capturing stunning landscape photos or videos with your camera.

The best travel tripods should allow you to get great shots in all sorts of conditions. Travel provides some of the best opportunities for photography, but it’s also a time when you don’t want to be overburdened with heavy kit. The best travel tripods are light but sturdy, adaptable but compact. We explain what to look for and which to choose.

Best Travel Tripod 2023

1. Vanguard Alta Pro

Although this is almost 6 years old by now, it’s still one of the best tripods on the market today. After an upgraded version – the less than stellar Alta Pro 2 – the price of the Alta Pro has dropped even further as well, making this already budget-friendly travel tripod even more affordable. Specifications Include:-

• Load Capacity:15.4 lb
• Maximum Height: 68.1″
• Folded Length: 28.1″
• Weight: 5.4 lbs
• Leg Sections: 3 – Flip Locks


• Innovative design that is still useful today
• Excellent price
• Well equipped to handle most cameras


• 15.4 lb load capacity may be a liberal number
• Will need maintenance
• Fidgety quick release plate

2. MeFOTO Roadtrip

This is slightly lighter than the Vanguard Alta Pro, it is an excellent alternative. This lightweight travel tripod is very adept and can still handle most photographic situations. It may not be as nifty as the Vanguard but the MeFOTO Roadtrip still has the cuts to get the job done. Other specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 17.6 lbs
• Maximum Height: 61.6”
• Minimum Height: 15.4”
• Folded Length: 15.4”
• Weight: 3.6 lbs
• Leg Sections: 5 – Screw Lock


• Quite light and packable.
• It can still hold larger DSLRs
• Can be converted into a monopod


• It suffers from wobbling at times
• Legs are not as durable as others

3. Manfrotto BeFree

If you’re looking for a conventional tripod that is very light and doesn’t sacrifice too much durability, then I suggest the Manfrotto BeFree. This reliable and lightweight tripod is great for wilderness backpacking in addition to demanding professional shoots. It has the usual bells and whistles that a good travel tripod should have and all at a great price. Other specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 8.8 lb
• Maximum Height: 56.7″
• Minimum Height: 13.4″
• Folded Length: 15.75″
• Weight: 3 lbs
• Leg Sections: 4 – Flip Lock


• One of the lightes tripods available
• Very quick and easy to use
• Reliable


• It is not suitable for larger DSLRs
• Can be unstable when fully extended
• Feet like to fall off

4. Zomei Z818

The Zomei Z818 is a screaming deal. With a solid build quality, useful features, and the ability to convert into a monopod, this baby can compete with every comparable tripod out there. Other specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: ?
• Maximum Height: 65″
• Minimum Height: 22″
• Folded Length: 18″
• Weight: 3.7 lbs
• Leg Sections: 4 – Twist Locks


• It is cheap
• It is reliable
• Very similar to the MeFOTO Roadtrip


• It has no official load capacity
• Suffers from some wobble with heavier loads
• Can’t be commended for being very original

5. Gitzo Traveler Series 1

This is made from high-grade carbon fiber materials, the quality of which the company insists is cut above the competition. Unlike many other tripods in this guide, the Gitzo Traveler is actually quite good-looking, fashionable even, thanks to the stylish finish on the carbon fiber. Other specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 22 lb
• Maximum Height: 60.2″
• Minimum Height: 8.6″
• Folded Length: 16.7″
• Weight: 2.3 lbs
• Leg Sections: 4 – G Lock System


• It is very light and very sturdy
• It is easy to use


• It is expensive

6. MeFOTO Globetrotter

This is the larger, more capable version of the MeFOTO Roadtrip and is meant for professional photographers with heavier equipment. Made of carbon fiber and rated to hold a staggering 26.4 lbs, the MeFOTO Globetrotter can handle just about anything you or mother nature can throw at it. Specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 26.4 lb
• Maximum Height: 64.2″
• Minimum Height: 16.1″
• Folded Length: 16.5″
• Weight: 3.7 lb
• Leg Sections: 5 – Twist Locks


• Light for how sturdy it is
• It is very cheap
• Can handle heavier loads and more adverse conditions


• Little heavy for a carbon fiber tripod

7. Joby Gorillapod 5K

The Gorillapod 5K is Joby’s newest addition to its lineup and maybe its best . The 5K is a streamlined version of their previous Focus edition and expands upon its predecessor’s prowess. Specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 11 lb
• Maximum Height: 15.2″
• Minimum Height: N/A
• Folded Length: N/A
• Weight: 17 oz


• Remarkably sturdy
• Eminently light
• Very flexible


• Maximum sturdiness requires just the right leg setup, which can be tedious
• Limited to low angle shots
• Expensive if you’re buying the Joby ballhead wit it

8. Benro Aero 4 Travel Angel

Dedicated travel vloggers will need a specialized tripod to create the highest quality videos. One of the most useful tripods specifically for video right now is the Benro Aero 4. Specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 8.8 lb
• Maximum Height: 65.2″
• Minimum Height: 21.9″
• Folded Length: 21.7″
• Weight: 5.8 lbs
• Leg Sections: 3 – Flip Lock


• Well-performing tripod head
• Still has the functions of a normal tripod
• Easy to set up


• Videographers are probably limited to shooting Micro Four Thirds and APS-C
• The screws of the quick release plate are a little wonky
• It is quite heavy

9. 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey

This is a brawler of a tripod that swings way above its weight class. At 3.4 lbs this travel tripod is rated to hold up to 30 lbs, which is a huge number. Specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 30 lbs
• Maximum Height: 58″
• Minimum Height: 4″
• Folded Length:13.7″
• Weight: 3.4 lb
• Leg Sections: 5 – Twist Locks


• It is very strong
• Unique central column design
• Some may really like cosmetics of this tripod


• Removing central column can take some time
• Some may really not like cosmetics of this tripod

10. Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod

With three legs, tripods offer near complete stabilization across two planes – a monopod only covers one. For many photographers, that single plane of stabilization is all that is required for getting good pictures. Other specifications include:-

• Load Capacity: 11 lb
• Maximum Height: 59.4″
• Minimum Height: 19.3″
• Folded Length: N/A
• Weight:1.1 lb
• Leg Sections: 4 – Flip Lock


• The lightest tripod/monopod in this guide
• It is very sturdy
• Very packable


• Not as much stabilization as a conventional tripod
• Long exposures will be very difficult

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