Top 10 Best Rated TV Antennas 2019


Here are the best TV antennas for 2019. The list is arranged in no particular order.

1. Mohu Sky 60

This lightweight TV antenna can be mounted in the rooftop and it also has a 75-mile range. One good thing about it is that it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

It has these features:

  • Mount kit
  • A CleanPeak filter technology
  • Price: $79.99


  • It is very light
  • It is 4k ready
  • Easy to install
  • It can work perfectly in rural areas
  • It offers crisp-clear signals to your TV


  • It does not have an excellent reception in the attic

2. Vansky TV Antenna

This TV antenna can work for any household as it has some serious range – 75! It can even reach up to 150 miles.

It is packed with some features that will make your TV time enjoyable like:

  • 100% motorized 360-degree rotation
  • 1080p HD which is the next best thing
  • It is lightning shielded
  • A 33-foot coaxial cable
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $32.99


  • Very easy to install
  • A motorized 360-degree rotation
  • A very long range


  • It is not 4K ready

3. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi

It has a good range – 70 mile –which is great for the price it comes at.  This antenna is pretty easy to install and will save you the time and stress of assembling – which is often a big turn-off!

Some of its features include:

  • You can get up to 1080p HD
  • A 70-mile range
  • Weather resistant
  • Price: $41.74


  • Very easy to set up
  • Quite cheap
  • It has a great streamlined design
  • It is reliable brand


  • It is not 4k ready

4. InstallerParts HDTV Antenna

When you are looking out for an outdoor TV antenna, this is the right one for you. With a killer range and other great features, you should look no further.

Now, these are some of the features and price of this outdoor TV antenna:

  • A 150-mile range
  • It is weather-resistant
  • A heavy-duty antenna
  • a 360-degree motor rotor
  • Price: from $20


  • Very easy to set up
  • You can enjoy it all round the year as it is weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • It offers great signal
  • You can control/adjust the signal with comfort


  • The rotor can be unreliable at some point

5. AatalTV Outdoor Antenna

Although the design of an outdoor TV antenna has little or nothing to do with its functionality, the AatalTV has been built to be aesthetically pleasing and also offer a good range to you.

There are loads of features that you can get from this antenna such as:

  • A range of up to 160 miles
  • A 360-degree omnidirectional receptor
  • It has a 32.8-foot coaxial cable
  • Weather and lightning resistant
  • Price: $40


  • You can enjoy great signals irrespective of the weather
  • It has a great design


  • Finding the signal initially might be a bit hard

6. Pingbingding HDTV Antenna

A great HDTV antenna with a long-range of up to 150 miles, you can use this antenna for even two TV sets at a go. This is more beautiful when you know that you do not need to do anything special or purchase any specially-made adapters to do so.

These are the features of the antenna as seen below:

  • A 40-feet coaxial cable
  • A remote control rotor
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee
  • It is lightning-protected
  • Price: $45.98


  • You might not need to buy extra cables
  • Weather hardly affects its performance
  • It is also durable
  • Adjusting it is quite simple and easy with the remote control rotor
  • The customer service is great


  • It is hard to install

7. Channel Master CM-4228HD

And if you are one of those persons who find is pretty hard getting to the top of their roofs to install an outdoor TV antenna, you should get this one.

It works excellently well in the attic and has these features:

  • 1080p HD signal
  • A 60-mile range
  • Weather resistant
  • Price: $104.00


  • It functions well in the attic
  • Great option for multiple TVs
  • It offers great signal
  • Strong/durable


  • The design is a tad clunky
  • The range is small

8. Pingbingding Outdoor Antenna

This is the second outdoor TV antenna from Pingbingding – that’s because they are great at what they do! Although the design for this is a tad different from the one mentioned earlier, this one has these features to give you the best of signals and a great TV experience:

  • A range of 120 miles
  • A gain controller
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee
  • A one-year warranty
  • Price: $20 USD


  • Super easy to install
  • Very cheap
  • Offers super-clear pictures
  • The customer care is excellent


  • It is not 4K ready

9. 1byone 85 Miles Digital Antenna

If you are not satisfied with HD, then this one is what you need. With this Television antenna, you can get loads of 4K channels for FREE – only a few antennas offer such value without leaving your account pleading.

These are some of the features that make it outstanding:

  • It has 4k
  • Includes a mounted pole
  • A reception of up to 85 miles
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A one-year warranty
  • Price: $41.99


  • The mounting pole gives it an extra boost
  • The 4k access means more channels
  • It has a good warranty and thus you money is safe


  • It is quite expensive

10. HDTV Amplified Antenna by Esky

This is an outdoor TV antenna that works best for those in rural settings. It comes with these features:

  • It is lightning resistant
  • An HD-casting
  • Heavy-duty
  • Signal from up to 150 miles
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Price: $16.99


  • It can support two TVs
  • Can withstand some bad weather
  • Omnidirectional capacity makes it turn easily
  • Offer great signals


  • A bit clumsy in heavy weather
  • No 4k