Top 10 Best Rated Wine Refrigerators 2022

Wine has been around for thousands of years as the earliest evidence of grape-based fermented drink was found in China, and the earliest evidence of wine in Georgia was from 6000 BC. Wine has increasingly become a popular choice of beverage among many humans and has slowly evolved in the passing years.

Storing wine can pose a bit of a challenge though, as first of all, the kitchen refrigerator is not a place for wine. This is because a regular refrigerator keeps food stored at around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is really too low a temperature to store wines, as wines, especially the really good ones should be stored around 55 Fahrenheit.

Below are a couple of refrigerators and coolers to keep your wine in good shape for as long as you intend to keep it.

Best Wine Refrigerator 2022

  1. Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Cooler

This Ivation is one of the popular choices of coolers on the market. This relatively affordable cooler offers a number of features of larger refrigerators. This refrigerator is a single zone one, indicating that every bottle of wine is kept at the same temperature.

This cooler is perfect for someone who does not want to store too many bottles and only has a small space for keeping wine. The cooler is outfitted with solid polyurethane heavy foam and Thermopane doors that keep out odours and light, maintaining constant humidity which is beneficial to the wine.

Price: $129.99

Has an LCD display that shows its temperature
Takes up really small floor space in the apartment
Runs quietly and doesn’t make loud noises

Can only store a small number of bottles at a time.

2. Phiestina Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Phiestina Dual zone wine cooler offers a measure of complexity to its wine storing abilities, as it offers two zones for two different types of wine that each need their own temperature control and their own home.

A dual-zone cooler gives you two separate areas with their separate temperature control, as the red and white wines should be stored separately. This cooler can carry as many as 33 bottles, ensuring you can stock up your fridge with a variety of wines, giving your guests and other wine enthusiasts around you a myriad of options.

Price: $399.00

Has a small footprint and can be kept in really small spaces
Possesses LED lighting and digital controls, making it easier to understand.
Can hold two different kinds of wines and a large amount of bottles

Rather pricey at just under $400.

3. LANBO Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

This wine cooler is perfect for when you are scaling up, especially when you have grown beyond a dozen bottles and are becoming more of an avid wine enthusiast than a casual drinker.

A bit flashy and relatively expensive, it is perfect to under the counter, just next to your dishwasher. It has a double-paned tempered glass door, and is fitted with beech wooden shelves and temperature memory functions to effectively control the temperature in both zones.

Price: $759.00

A double zone that can maintain separate temperatures and keep different types of wine.
Temperature memory functions to control temperature of different zones.
Is compact and can fit into smaller spaces in your kitchen
Built-in heat detector to effectively adjusts temperature when necessary.

Is relatively expensive

4. Allavino FlexCount Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

This FlexCount has everything that the LANBO is missing. It’s got a sleek black look that would fit in perfectly with your kitchen background. This refrigerator is a behemoth, boasting a 56-bottle storage capacity. It also possesses dual-zone temperature control and an advanced cooling system.

It is very energy efficient, as it saves as much as 25% on energy costs compared to other coolers and has a shelf that can take different bottle sizes.

Price: $1051.65

Dual-Zone temperature control system
Sleek and beautiful exterior
Can keep a large amount of bottles
Energy-efficient core and also operates quietly.

High end, as it costs just over a thousand American dollars.

5. Kalamera Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

Another in the list of Goliath-sized wine refrigerators, the Kalamera Freestanding Wine Refrigerator boasts an incredible 157-bottle capacity in dual zones.
This wine refrigerator is perfect for wine connoisseurs, as its outrageous storage capacity means that you can bring all your wine dreams to life.

Price: $1299.00

Large amounts of storage room for your wine
Possesses a dual-zone temperature control

Due to its enhanced characteristics, it is higher priced compared to other wine refrigerators.

6. Ivation 8-Bottle Countertop Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The Ivation 8 bottle Countertop wine cooler is perfect for your kitchen countertop. It is best as a secondary storage refrigerator for your wine bottles that may not be able to stay in your dedicated wine refrigerator.
It is rather basic and cheap, is single zone and conserves money on energy costs

Price: $119.99

Energy efficient and makes no vibrations or noises during operation
Small size, fits perfectly on a kitchen table top

Can only hold 8 bottles at a time, and is single zone.

7. Arctic King Premium Wine Cooler

This is perfect for a medium number of bottles, as it accommodates 34 bottles. It comes with a single temperature zone with cooling abilities between 41 degrees Fahrenheit and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, touch control and a LED display.

Price: $160

Holds over 30 bottles of wine, and is perfect for smaller kitchen spaces
Possesses slide out shelves enabling easy access to the wine bottles
Very affordable at just over $150

Single zone temperature control makes it impossible to keep two different kinds of wine.

8. NewAir AW-210ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Vertical Wine Cooler

This is one of the smaller wine refrigerators with a double-zone temperature control. It has a thermoelectric cooling range between 44 degrees Fahrenheit and 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and is perfect for both white and red wines.

Price: $260

Can hold about 21 bottles at a time, making it take up little space in the kitchen.
Relatively cheap for a double-zone temperature-controlled cooler

Storage capacity can be a disadvantage for wine lovers.

9. hOmelabs Wine Cooler

This cooler is perfect in conditions where you need a cooler, but you are also economizing on space. This compact refrigerator is small enough to fit in tight spaces, but also has enough storage space to fit up to 18 wine bottles.
It possesses one cooling zone which operates between 54 degrees Fahrenheit and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Price: $175

Relatively cheap and affordable
Is extremely handy in very small spaces

Has only one temperature control zone

10. Aobosi Wine Cooler

Specially dedicated to wine lovers, this double-temperature control zone refrigerator can fit as many as 30 bottles. Its low vibrations make it a top choice for wine lovers, as the operation is almost noiseless.

Price: $550

Two cooling zones, helping you store both white and red wines
Low vibrations ensure your wine sediments are not perturbed, making it taste better on the long run.

Relatively expensive

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