Top 10 Best Rated Wireless Access Points 2023

In our world today, the internet has become one of the basic necessities for comfort in everyday life. From granting one unlimited access to events around the world ranging from sports, business, politics and entertainment, to being a network for communication and learning, the usefulness of the internet cannot be overstated.

The pros attached to a quick, stable internet connection at any location far outweigh the cons and that is one reason good wireless access points are important in the world today. Below are our best wireless access points for 2023.

Best Wireless Access Point 2023

1. The Ubiquiti Unifi Dual AC Pro

The Ubiquiti Unifi Dual AC Pro are very solid devices and they can provide dual 802.11AC radios, power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and also possess MIMO technology ensuring that you always stay connected at home, in your office or on-the-go.

Price: $134.26

• Innovative weatherproof design, allowing it to be used outdoors.
• Moderate power ratings, as the maximum power rating is 9W
• Also supports the power-over-Ethernet features.

• Extremely expensive due to the added features it possesses, and is not best for someone on a budget.

2. Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750

The Netgear R6700 Nighthawk is a high performance, well rounded Wi-Fi access point and router combo. This is a massive step up from older versions of the Netgear, as this access point and router combo oozes quality.

One of the biggest positives to this device is the brand new App. With this you can now effectively check your internet speed, configure your access point and troubleshoot connectivity all from the screen of your smartphone.

Price: $78.00

• Good internet speeds due to its dual band wireless capabilities.
• Awesome parental controls that allow you screen the content, effectively manage screen time and monitor the use of connected devices.
• Relatively cheap and affordable

• Cannot be installed for outdoor usage.

3. TP-Link C1200 Archer AC1200

TP-Link is one of the more common names that pop up in discussions about wireless access points. They are ridiculously easy to set up, are super reliable and are not overburdened with features, making them simple but also really effective.

Price: $61.00

• Provides USB access, helping you share content from your USB devices easily.
• Has the TP-Link tether app, helping you manage your home network well

• Lack of features may prevent it from carrying out auxiliary functions that other access points can.

4. Trendnet N300 2T2R

This device is perfect for you when you are on a budget, as it combines rock solid reliability with moderate internet speed and pocket-friendliness.

Price: $36.99

• Cheap and easily affordable
• Compact, easily mobile and versatile
• Operates at a slower internet speed compared to other top access points.

5. Securifi Almond Touchscreen

Securifi is popular for producing easily operated devices, and this access point is a good example. It possesses a colored LCD touchscreen, and is well and beautifully designed. It is also known to be fast and reliable.

Price: $89.99

• Extremely easy to set up
• Versatile and reliable with internet speeds hitting up to 300Mbps
• Seemingly pricey, as it costs almost $90.

6. Linksys LAPAC1750

This AP possesses modern, top-notch technology, having a Gigabit Ethernet port and a single point control. It is a dual-band access point that is capable of delivering transfer speeds hitting 1750Mbps, with a 5GHz band that alliws users to increase their productivity.

Price: $316.32

• Beautiful exterior with a good, sleek design
• Lightweight, making it easy to carry
• Good transfer speeds.

• Is not the best choice when looking for a pocket-friendly option

7. ASUS 3-in-1 RT-N12

This ASUS offers select amazing features like good bandwidth capacity and quick data transfer rates. This access point has 4 SSIDs which enable users to manage bandwidth allocation and access control, it is also handy as a Wi-Fi router and a range extender.

Its antennas provide top-notch coverage to the users and offers VLAN support and power-over-Ethernet. It is easy to install and allows one enjoy a variety of activities like video games, place VoIP calls and also stream videos.

Price: $29.99

• Is very versatile, and allows users to multitask easily
• Offers good internet speeds and bandwidth
• Reliable and powerful

• Not particularly known for a design that can allow it be foisted on any surface.

8. TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi 2T2R

This access point is portable and really cost-effective, making it awesome for users who are on a budget. It is designed with simplicity in mind and helps users create a secure hotspot to share their internet connection.
It is portable and compact, and can easily be put in a pocket. It offers Wi-Fi speed of up to 300 Mbps on 2.4GHz band.

Price: $23.99

• Offers 2.4GHz band, which can be used for streaming or gaming
• Offers excellent coverage at an affordable price
• Easy to transport due to its design and size

• The bandwidth may not be able to effectively handle certain activities

9. D-Link AC1200 (DAP-1650)

The D-Link access point is uniquely designed, with a cylindrical exterior, and offering high transfer speeds and also internet connectivity to other devices. This access point possesses 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and also offers secure wireless encryption, which enables users to connect securely.

Its dual-band connectivity offers flexibility for users to operate in two different modes. It is lightweight with a simple design, which allows it to be easily mounted on any kind of platform or surface.

Price: $69.99

• Great design makes it blend with any platform, its lightweight nature ensures that it could be hung on walls.
• Protects users while accessing the internet with wireless encryption.
• Versatile and compatible with any brand of router.

• Has limited features, and functions and may not support online gaming.

10. NETGEAR (WAC104-100NAS)

This access point uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology to deliver astonishing transfer speeds of up to 1.2GB/s. This access point is easy to set up, comes with factory fitted and tuned antennas to provide stronger signal strength and possesses 4 Ethernet ports to ensure devices are connected over a great range.

Price: $34.99

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