Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 2023

In the 21st century, everything is progressively becoming smaller, from really large older models of music players that have now morphed into handheld devices, to massive headphones that are now smaller earbuds, the need for less weight is increasingly popular. Wireless earbuds are one of the lighter ways of ensuring that you carry your music with you wherever you go.

Bluetooth earbuds have come a long way from their early counterparts that suffered connectivity issues and were not as good sounding as their wired cousins. Improvements in wireless transmission standards like aptX have ensured that the Bluetooth earbuds have become a popular way to listen to music.

We know that you would always want your music, audiobooks and other audio materials within your reach and we have taken time out to pick out the best wireless earbuds for you.

  1. Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4

The NuForce BE Sport 4 wireless earbuds are hard to find, these earbuds are adaptable for all kinds of situations, from when you want to go for a quick run or just want to take a brief evening stroll while taking your music along. They are nice for an exercise routine, and their lightweight characteristic ensures that they are do not get in the way of your routine.

Price: $49


  • Impressive audio qualities and sound isolation functions.
  • Practical design
  • Customized eartips


  • Not suitable for single ear listening
  1. RHA MA390 Wireless

Not particularly “gym-friendly”, the RHA MA390 earphones are suitable for home use and also when on-the-go. These headphones are well built, have an awesome sound signature, and are pocket-friendly.

Price: $69.95


  • Great build quality with dynamic sound
  • Great value for your money


  • Not ideal for use during exercise sessions
  1. Sennheiser CX Sport wireless earphones

The name gives it away, as these earphones are awesome for workout sessions, aerobic sessions, weight trainings and other kinds of exercise routines. One of its top qualities is the audio quality, while also wielding a comfortable fit.

With great battery life, these earphones are perfect for your workout sessions and are also useful for you while in transit.

Price: $109.99


  • Sports-friendly build
  • Gives you the best audio experience with fantastic audio quality


  • Expensive option for wireless earphones.
  1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

The OnePlus company, more popular for its phones like the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro also produce headphones, which offer great value on the neck-bud headphone category.

These headphones boast awesome audio quality, are super comfy to wear and have a solid battery life.

Price: $99.00


  • Great lively sound
  • Possesses a magnetic on/off switch


  • Horrible carrying case
  • Inline remote control is not solid
  1. Jaybird Tarah Pro

These headphones are an awesome fit for athletes, long-distance runners and other fitness nuts out there. It has a neck cable, ensuring the earbuds are together and do not fall out of place during an intense workout session.

The first in Jaybird’s new Pro range, the Tarah Pro is aimed at offering higher quality audio and better build and is suitable for folks who don’t want to forgo audio quality in unfriendly outdoor conditions.

Price: $158.99


  • Excellent sound quality that is adaptable to different outdoor environments
  • Great design, making it durable and compact


  • Has fiddly ear tips
  1. Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Another product from Jaybird, the X4 is an upgrade on the previous X2 and X3 versions, having an upgraded IPX7 water-resistance rating. These headphones also boast of good sound quality, while allowing you pick from different ear tip sizes.

These headphones are awesome for athletes but are not limited to them, as you can also wear them on a stroll to the park or on your way to work, ensuring your music goes wherever you go.

Price: $69.99


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Durable


  • Suffers from button lag
  1. Beats X

The Beats X has a good sound signature, making up for their bassy, confined sound with solid wireless connection and a less cumbersome pairing process on iOS devices.

This accessory has a quick charging time, being able to charge in 5 minutes, and is fully compatible with iOS devices.

Price: $79.95


  • Provides a balanced sound signature
  • Has quick charging capabilities


  • Not the best option for folks on a budget
  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Another on the long line of athlete-friendly headphones, these headphones are lightweight but boast heavyweight audio capabilities.

The Bose Connect app enables music sharing with more than a pair of earbuds, and are an awesome choice for when you have company. The SoundSport range comes in two variants, an extra $50 can let you acquire the Pulse edition. This variant features a built-in heart rate monitor, making it a favourite for athletes and fitness nuts.

Price: $99


  • Possesses a heart rate monitor (for an extra $50)
  • Secure and comfortable


  • Poor battery life
  • Heart rate monitor version is expensive
  1. Bose QuietControl 30

The Bose QuietControl 30 offers noise cancellation, but compromises on this quality with its sound fidelity.

These headphones possess long lasting battery and are durable but is not popular for being lightweight, at 28 grams, it can be a bit of a bother dragging it everywhere you go, and is not exercise-friendly

Price: $299


  • Awesome noise cancellation quality, providing in-ear noise-cancelling
  • Strong battery, letting you enjoy more time with your music


  • Super expensive
  • The sound is not a particularly great bargain for its price
  1. Beats PowerBeats3

Another pair of headphones from the Beats company, these running headphones aim to keep your tune playing all day long.

They have unbelievable battery life and a quick charge function which can add an hour to your battery life in a few minutes of charging. They are built to withstand different weather conditions, as you can easily take them out for a run in the rain. Their high price, which is a signature of the Beats brand, offers you value for your money.

Price: $199.95


  • Long-lasting battery, lasting as long as 12 hours.
  • Solid wireless connectivity range


  • Super expensive
  • There can be one or two improvements on the

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