CleanMyMac X Review

CleanMyMac X is a handy tool for your Mac which helps you get rid of unnecessary things that make your Mac slow and annoying. When running apps on your Mac, temporary files build up over time and clutter your Mac storage causing your PC to run slower, CleanMyMac X provides a complete solution to this problem and others as well to make your Mac run smoothly at all times.

With top reviews from professional reviewers and individual users, CleanMyMac X is certainly one of the best Mac cleaners out there.



  • Completes scan fast
  • Makes Mac considerably faster by freeing up space
  • Amazing User Interface


  • The price might be considered a bit high by some users

How Does CleanMyMac X Work?

It makes your Mac cleaner and faster by finding and removing unused hidden files, clearing caches, quitting unused apps and more.

Is CleanMyMac X Safe?

Yes, it is, it has been used and reviewed by many top professional Mac software reviewers and individual users majority of which love its effectiveness and recommend it highly.

Also, CleanMyMac X is an app notarized by Apple. Notarization is a process that confirms that an app is free from malicious files. You can read more about it here.

How Good is CleanMyMac X?

Having used it personally to free up 12GB of space on my Macbook Pro, I can confidently say that is is excellent at cleaning up Macs. My Mac which was running quite slowly before suddenly became very fast and operated smoothly, you should definitely give it a try. According to MacPaw, makers of CleanMyMac X, it cleans three times as fast as the previous CleanMyMac 3 version.

What Other Features Does It Have?

CleanMyMac X also helps Mac users remove Malware, update applications and provides personalized cleanup tips with its “Assistant” feature. It also has a feature called Space Lens which lets users see files and folders taking up the largest amount of space so that they can choose to delete those they don’t need to free up space and make the Mac faster.

Is CleanMyMac X Worth It?

With the quality of tools it offers and the efficiency it delivers in making Macs run smoothly, remove malware and secure, CleanMyMac X is of great value for money. Even though there are cheaper alternatives, none of them can deliver the kind of performance it gives. Try it today!



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