CPA Marketing: How to Make Big Money with It

Cost per Action (CPA) marketing is a form of affiliate marketing where users get paid when a visitor clicks on their CPA affiliate link and completes an action. CPA marketing is one of the best types of affiliate marketing, examples of actions in CPA Marketing include: Form filling, free trial sign ups, email newsletter signups, contact requests, getting quotes, purchasing an item and many others. Popular CPA Marketing websites include Maxbounty,  NeverBlue, C2M, ClickBooth, Hydra, ROI Rocket, Azoogle, etc.

With CPA, users do not need to put up advertising banners and hence can run it smoothly with other advertising and affiliate marketing programs. CPA Marketing is a very lucrative way to make money online because advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for completed actions they desire, as a matter of fact some CPA offers pay up to 20 dollars for one completed task.

CPA Marketing Tutorial

To start using CPA Marketing to make money online, follow the following steps:

1. Build a website

You have to own a website that generates a decent amount of traffic monthly to earn big bucks from CPA marketing, you can build websites on WordPress, blogger and other platforms online. You need to research for high paying CPA niches before you choose a niche for your blog so that you can maximize your CPA earning potentials. Choose a blogging niche you know well that is also profitable for CPA marketing.

2. Find CPA Offers

After building a website, you need to find CPA offers which will work well with your site traffic. Fortunately, there are tools which you can use to find such CPA offers, the most popular among them are oDigger and OfferVault, they collect CPA offers from the best CPA networks and allow users search using keywords, prices, categories and CPA networks.

3. Join a CPA Network

After researching CPA Offers online, register for the CPA program you feel is best for you. Most CPA programs will require you to provide a phone number for verification by phone call and might ask you to fill out paperwork before accepting you into the program. To ensure you get accepted by CPA programs, call the CPA Network company immediately you register to indicate your interest because they tend to turn down a lot of websites due to fraud, calling them makes you look serious and makes you get accepted easily.

4. Integrate CPA Offers into your website

Place your CPA codes on your website with contextual links. Contextual links have been found to have much higher clickthrough and conversion rates than affiliate banner ads. You can also integrate the CPA links in your website or blog design.

CPA Marketing Ideas, Strategies and Tips

CPA Marketing is easy once you know what to do, here are some tips to help you succeed in CPA Marketing.

  • An easy way to learn CPA marketing is to download free CPA ebooks and read articles similar to this one and apply what you learn.
  • Promote your CPA links on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, you should also promote your blog articles which contain the CPA links on your social media accounts.
  • To be a successful CPA marketer, you need to get a lot of relevant internet traffic to your website, this can be achieved in a variety of ways namely: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising.

CPA Marketing Tools

The tools required to be a successful CPA marketer are pretty much the same as those required to be a successful internet entrepreneur, they include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as SEMRush, Alexa Internet, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and more, Digital marketing tools such as Google Adwords, Similarweb and Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Qlikview, Email marketing tools such as Aweber and Social media marketing tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Hubspot.

CPA Networks such as Maxbounty, Clickbooth and others mentioned earlier provide tools required to control your CPA account and check the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of your CPA affiliate ad performance.

Be careful with CPA marketing websites as there are some CPA network platforms built solely to rip unsuspecting people off and promoting those will damage your site’s reputation and cost you time and money. Read CPA network reviews on sites like oDigger before joining any.

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  1. being a beginner in the field of CPA marketing, I wanna know how to find the right (high converting) CPA offer (Email submit & Surveys) for the USA?
    Kindly guide me.

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