Best Cheap Air Conditioners 2023

A high-efficiency air conditioner is essential during the summer heat. It helps you stay comfortable in a room that is incredibly humid.  There are different options of air conditioning system; there are portable air conditioners, ductless air conditioners, and window air conditioners.

Most AC’s are expensive, but there are portable products that are below $200 that you can choose. Below are some good cheap air conditioners in 2023:

1. HoMedics MyChill Personal Space Cooler

If you want to stay cooling while sleeping or working on your personal computer, but you don’t have enough funds, the HoModeics MyChill Personal space cooler is your best bet.  It is a small air conditioner that works efficiently, meeting all your cooling needs. The features of this space cooler are as follow:

  • It can cool an area up to 12 degrees
  • It is very easy to operate
  • Needs a refill after four hours of operation
  • Energy-Efficient


  • Energy saving
  • Keeps you cool
  • LED indicator when water is empty
  • Clean Tank Technology offers protection against mildew and mold
  • There is no ozone-depleting refrigerant; its design is environmentally friendly.


  • This space cannot cool entire rooms, it is meant for your personal space

2. Costway Evaporative Air Cooler

The COSTWAY Evaporative is one of the cheapest Air Conditioners you can find on the market.  it looks attractive due to its stylish design.  The air cooler is perfect for any location in your room. the qualities of this air cooler are:

  • It comes with humidifier and fan
  • It has a programmable timer
  • The air cooler has a LED control panel
  • The unit has four caster wheels for movement


  • Can be used as a fan, air conditioner, and humidifier
  • You can use the timer to customize your cooling
  • Remote control and electronic display
  • Easy to move around


  • It cannot be used to cool off the entire room
  • Manual is not straightforward

3. NewAir AF-310 Evaporative Cooler

This Evaporative cooler is one of the best cheap air cooler that you can get at an extremely low price.  Apart from the fact that it is affordable, it is also energy efficient.  The device is perfect for the small-sized room. The Features of New AF-310 Evaporative Cooler are as follows:

  • Fan and air cooling features can function independently
  • Swamp cooler oscillate up to 60 degrees
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Two-way control – touch button or remote control


  • The unit can function as an air purifier, a cooler, as well as humidifier.


  • The size of the tank is less than other models

4. Black Plus Decker BPACT08WT

What makes this inexpensive air conditioner stands out is its amazing features.  Despite its low price, it is one of the high-performing air conditioners in the market.  Some of its amazing features are as follows:

  • The unit is environmentally friendly
  • The air condition combines three modes – fan, dehumidification, and cooling.
  • You can move the unit from air conditioner from one room to the other


  • It employs vertical motion technology to save energy
  • 24-hour timer with a reliable sleep mode.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Combines cooling fan and dehumidifier features
  • Remote control enabled.


  • The air conditioner does not install properly in sliding windows.
  • Comparatively noisy, therefore it less ideal for bedroom air conditioning.
  1. Ivation Portable Air Conditioner

You can get your home chilled at a very affordable price with Ivation’s Portable Air conditioner.  You can choose between heating and cooling your room. Asides, it comes with dehumidifying features. some of its properties are as follow:

  • Multi-functional features
  • The air conditioner is durable and reliable
  • It can cool your rooms up to three hundred square feet
  • The filters have antibacterial properties


  • The air conditioner features ice-crystal boxes for improved home cooling
  • Eight-hour timer with swing features.
  • Three-fan modes that enable you to customize air conditioning speed


  • Getting a reliable repair service may be difficult
  • Comparatively noisy when working at maximum capacity.
  1. LHONE 5 in 1 Compact Portable AC

You may consider the LHONE 5 in 1 compact portable air conditioner if you planning of cooling a specific room in your home.  The air conditioner does excellent in small rooms.  Apart from the AC features, it is a humidifier, heater, and an air purifier. Other features of this air conditioner are:

  • It is multi-functional
  • Energy efficient
  • Programmable Timer


  • The air condition can function as a heater, humidifier, an air cooler, fan, and an air purifier
  • The filter removable and washable, preventing dust, bacteria, and other airborne particles
  • Four Caster wheels make the unit easy to move from room to the other
  • User-friendly led control panel


  • Too large and heavy
  • Noisy
  • You need to empty the tank regularly
  1. COSTWAY Portable AC

This cheap portable air conditioner is a great product from COSTWAY. Apart from the fact that it works efficiently, it is portable and light in weight. The features of the COSTWAY portable Air conditioner are as follows:

  • It dehumidifies the room apart from cooling
  • It is energy saving
  • It comes with an array of protective features like programmable timer, sensitive temperature sensor, and others.


  • 24-hour programmable
  • Modern LED display
  • Caster wheels enhance its portability
  • Intelligent sensor for precise temperature readings.
  • The water-level sensor that notifies you anytime the water tank fills-up.


  • Noisy when operating at twin-speed
  • May not be effective when the hot weather condition is extreme.
  1. Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for an affordable portable air conditioner that can fit in limited spaces up to 250 square feet, the Whynter 8,000 BTU is one of the air conditioners that you should consider.  You can use it to cool rooms that are as large as 300 square feet if you don’t need much cooling. The features of this unit are as follow:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Self-evaporative system
  • It is multi-functional


  • Delivers outstanding results
  • Can function as a dehumidifier, fan, and AC, fan
  • Quick to set up
  •  Pre-Filter is washable and it that remove large particles like dander, pet hair, and dust.


  • The unit is not compatible with the majority of the standard windows.
  • Noisy and produces excessive vibration when put on hardwood

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