How to Open CAJ File on Windows PC & Mac: Free Download Online

You are reading this because you might have come across a file that ends with a .caj file and your computer does not seem to be able to open it.

Maybe you just curious to know what a .caj file is, of course, they are not so common as other file types. Do not worry it will be explained clearly. We also show you some recommended software you can use to open a CAJ file.

What is a CAJ File?

You often see many files out there that end with .caj, this is because the CAJ file document was developed by the Chinese.

To be more clear, it was developed by China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and used when storing Chinese Academic journal articles. It contains text and images of inter-disciplinary Chinese journals and articles dating back to 1915.

The full meaning of CAJ is the Chinese Academic Journal File. So if you have come across any file ending with .caj and had no clue what it is and what to do with it, know you know.

The Content of a CAJ file is just like any journal or article you will see in any other country. They can be:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Military Affairs
  • Law
  • Education
  • Social Science
  • Electronic Technology And Information science
  • Economics and Management.

The CAJ file is similar to what we call PDF. The CAJ is widely used in china so you may not often come in contact with it, but if you have one with you and curious to know how to access it, continue reading and you will see how.

Is it safe to open a CAJ File?

A CAJ File is safe to open, as long as you created it with a system free from virus or malware. But in the case where you collected this file from some else, then it will be wise to find out how that person got the file and if it has done any damage to his digital files or system.

You should always be careful because it is possible that all files, in general, can be disguised for been authentic meanwhile they are malicious files that could corrupt your system or hack it to gain access to your information.

And with a file that is not so common in most parts of the world, you should extra careful. So generally be careful when opening files that you cant verify if they are safe or not.

How to Open CAJ Files

Opening a view CAJ file is the same as opening and a PDF file, all you need is the software. But one thing you should know is that get the software is not as simple as just going to your app store and downloading it, for some reason they are not available there.

The good news is the software needed to open the CAJ file is totally free for all platforms. The software needed is the CAJViewer.

Like we said before you can’t get the CAJ software from your AppStore, so you will have to go to the CNKI official Website. . When you log on to this site you will see the software’s to open a CAJ file for all platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

After downloading this you can know open that CAJ file that you have been curious to open.

But wait, if you notice when downloading the software you were given a warning about downloading apps that are not verified by your store, you may have seen a pop-up window that told you that the app might be harmful to your device because it has not been verified as a legit app. Don’t worry we have another that will give peace of mind.

So they is another way you can access a CAJ file, and with way, you won’t have to download any application. I will show a step-by-step process of how to do this.

How to Convert Your CAJ File to a WORD File Online

At this point, the CAJ file can only be read by a CAJViewer gotten from CNKI, but what is we can convert it to a WORD. All you need is a good web browser and a good internet connection.

Step 1:

Start up your browser and enter this web address

Step 2:

Select the CAJ to WORD icon to enter the upload page for your document.

Step 3:

Add the CAJ document that you want to convert to the conversion window.

Step 4:

Navigate to the start conversion button and click it, your CAJ file will start converting.

Step 5:

When the conversion has finished, navigate to the download button and click it. Your converted file will be downloaded to your device.

Now you have a word document, and all devices have the ability to open a word document built into it.

So What If I Still Can Open It

If after everything you still can’t open the file, then it is likely finding the right software to open the file is not the problem. The problem can come from so many factors like:

  • Lack of memory space in your computer to enable the opening of the software.
  • Wrong format attached to CAJ file by mistake open renaming the file.
  • The CAJ file you want might be corrupted with malware.
  • Incorrect registry of the CAJ file.
  • An incorrect installation from your installation of the software for opening the CAJ file.
  • Not running the software as an admin, if enabled.

If none of the above affects you, then your file should open correctly without any problem. If you still have problems with your file then contact a professional to check your computer software.

Some nuggets to Know:

  • The full meaning of CAJ is Chinese Academic Jornal.
  • It was developed by China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)
  • You can view a CAJ file on Android by downloading the 7Zipper app from the store
  • You Open a CAJ file Online if you are in fear of download a non-verified application by converting the CAJ file to a PDF. You can do this by Starting up your browser and entering this web address

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