How to open KEY file on Windows PC & Mac: Free Download Online

You are reading this because, you might have come across a file that ends with .key file and your computer does not seem to be able to open it.

Maybe you  just curious to know what a .key file is, do not worry it will be explained clearly. We also show you some recommended software you can use to open a KEY file.

What Is a KEY File?

You are reading this because you might have come across a file that ends with .key file and your computer does not seem to be able to open it.

Maybe you just curious to know what a . key file is, do not worry it will be explained clearly. We will also show you some recommended software you can use to open a KEY file.

They are few files that use the .key extension but contain very different information in them. They are a few two most common and very popular types. Let us call them file type 1, file type 2, and file type 3.

File Type 1

File type one is what we call a computer key file (or just a key file). It contains encryption data or licenses keys. These files might just be plain text or a random encrypted license key.

These keys are used mostly for software registration and authentication. They are used to confirm if a user got or purchase software legally. For example, if a person wants to buy a Microsoft application like Microsoft Office, after buying the user might be given a license key type in the application to prove he is a legal purchaser.

File Type 2

File type two is what we call a security key. These are file that tightly encodes its other devices. They are devices with tough authentication that enable access into another device ( or devices), online systems, or even applications.

In simple terms security keys are like smartcards, their only use is to give you access to another device or application. They are used as a single sign-on (SSO) or a Multi-factor authentication key.

They can be also used as a one-time password to any device application. An example of a security key is Google’s Titan security key.

File Type 3

Another KEY file type is a KEYNOTE Presentation. The keynote presentation was created by apple and is mostly used by students professionals or basically anybody that wants to create a presentation.

It is free software available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone and also available in the AppStore if you need to download it.

It is similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Google’s google slide.

Is It Safe to Open KEY Files?

Starting with file type 3, regularly it is safe to open it, as long you created it with a virus or malware-free system. But in the case where you collected this file from some else, it will be wise to find out how that person got the file and if it has done any damage to his digital files or system.

The reason why you have to be careful is that hackers often disguise malicious files as good clean files in other to corrupt your system or hack it to gain access to your information. So generally be careful when opening files that you cant verify if they are safe or not.

Know with file types 1 and 2, it will be wise not to open them, because they contain sensitive and important data. Just trying to open then can lead to loss of data if not done properly.

As for file type 1, you should only use it, if it came from a trusted party, and should be used with the instruction given by the trusted party.

For file type 2, due to the highly sensitive nature of this, it should not be tampered with. This type can hold access to various devices and systems from small computers to a encrypted safe holding millions if not billions of dollars.

So it will very smart not to even try to open it or use it except you are the owner and know its particular use.

How to Open KEY Files

Now let us see how you can open a KEY File.

File Type 3

They are a few ways you can open a keynote file if have one or come across one. These are very simple and easy ways

KEY File Openers in PC – Windows, Mac

In mac, the obvious choice is to use Apple’s Keynote software. It comes with all Mac systems and can also be downloaded from its store. Initially released on 7 January 2003, it has become one of the most used presentation software out there.

On Windows, you can open a Keynote file by converting it to a PowerPoint file, (PPTX) another way is using the web browser on your Windows computer and a good internet connection. In this case, you will be using apple iWork for iCloud apps. It operates in the same way as google slide.

File Type 2

File-type 2 (security keys) is a bit more complicated. These files can only be open or accessed with the software that created them.

For simple security keys that can open and lock a regular computer, they are a few software that can be used to create or even access it, but only by the person who created it. These software are

  • Predator (Windows)
  • Rohos Logon (Windows)
  • USB Raptor (windows)

File Type 1

The type is most Bunch strings given to the user, most in forms of alphabets, numbers, or alphanumeric characters. Most times using a normal text editor should open the file.

Please remember do not tamper with the contents in this file, be if you do you could render them useless

Open KEY files on Android and iPhone

File Type 3

If you thought to yourself I think I can open a keynote file on my iPad or iPhone, then you will be right, by just downloading the keynote app from the app store, you will be able to open any keynote file.

As for Android, converting your keynote file to PDF will be your best option, this is because as of now is apple’s keynote app available for Android.

File Type 2

As we said before trying to read the file in a security key if you are not a skilled developer or the owner is a bad idea, because you can end up damaging it.

Only the software that created it can access the files in it, or the device, system, or application it was meant for.

You may not be able to open these files, but they can be used as security key deceives.

File Type 1

All you need is to download a very good text editor or IDE from your device app store and you will be able to open it.

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