Top 10 Best Temp Mail Services 2022: Free & Paid

Temporary emails are email accounts which self-destruct after a specified time. They are used to sign up for websites and forums where you have to register before you can view or download files.  Temporary emails are also called Temp mail or Disposable mails.

Temp mails are also useful for avoiding lots of spam mail from each website you submit your email address to.

So instead of creating many email accounts, you can simply use a temp mail to get the job done.

Best Temp Mail Service Providers 2022

There are a number of free temp mail service providers online, some of the best are:

  • 10-minute mail
  • 20minutemail
  • Guerrillamail
  • Haltospam
  • Jetable
  • Mytrashmail
  • Temp-Mail

1. 10-minute mail

10-minute mail website provides temp email addresses for just ten minutes after which users can borrow extra ten minutes if they require more time.

2. 20minutemail

20minutemail platform provides temporary email addresses to users for twenty minutes and can also be used as a forwarding email. It is free to use and requires sign up,

3. service provides temp mail services and also allows users select desired usernames.

4. Mytrashmail

Mytrashmail service allows users use three email extensions and has a pro version which allows email forwarding.

5. Guerrillamail

Guerrillamail is a user favorite due to the fact that its addresses look real and not spammy. After registering for an account, users are given temporary email addresses which auto destroy in one hour.

6. Haltospam

Haltospam tool is very good for users who want disposable email addresses for a longer period. It offers up to 7 days validity period for temporary email accounts.

7. Jetable

Jetable service offers temp email accounts of varying lengths depending on what you want, they offer one hour, one day, one week and one month temporary email accounts.

8. is another good and easy to use temporary email service.

You can try each of these temp email services to determine which one is best for you and stick with it.

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