Top 10 Best Rated VPN Software & Services 2023: Free & Paid

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) software and services are used to access websites anonymously and securely. Individuals, small businesses, large corporations and even governments use VPN software, VPN mobile apps and VPN services for security and privacy reasons.

Based on aggregated user reviews from VPN review websites, this is a list of the best free and paid VPN software and services currently.

Best Free VPN Software and Services

Free VPN software like most free stuff have their limitations, but if you just want a basic VPN connection, there’s no need to waste money on paid VPN services.

1. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is a top rated free secure Virtual Private Network service. Windscribe free VPN offers 10 GB bandwidth per month and lets users choose from eight server locations but only supports one device at a time, it has a good privacy policy but does not support Android devices.

Windscribe VPN is very private as it does not save connection data, logs or websites visited. It is the perfect choice if you need a lot of VPN bandwidth for free. Windscribe VPN also has a premium service which starts at $7.5 monthly billed yearly. It is also in the process of providing support for Android devices through its Android VPN App.

2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN Is one of the most popular free VPN software worldwide, it is particularly good for protecting your private information when using public Wi-Fi. Hotspot Shield supports a maximum of 5 devices, offers 750 Megabytes daily data allowance and is easy to use.

Like other VPN service providers, the Hotspot Shield VPN software has a premium version which lets you choose a variety of locations as against the free version where you have to stick with the location the app chooses.

3. Tunnel Bear VPN

Tunnel Bear VPN is rated one of the top free VPN service worldwide due to its ease of use and quality. Tunnel Bear VPN service has approximately 1000 servers in over 20 locations and supports a maximum of five devices concurrently. The VPN service also logs user connection data.

Tunnel Bear Free VPN service is restricted to a maximum of 500 Megabytes traffic monthly, if you require more than that, you will need to upgrade to Tunnel Bear VPN premium plans.

4. Speedify VPN

As the name suggests, if you need a free fast VPN software, then Speedify VPN is the best for you. It supports a maximum of 5 devices simultaneously and has over 30 servers in over 20 locations. It offers good privacy, 4GB data for the first month and 1GB subsequently and top notch performance powered by turbocharging technology.

Speedify has a no logging policy meaning your privacy is well protected and offers support for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android OS with VPN apps for each operating system. Speedify’s free plan offers full access to all 30 servers which is very good considering that most free VPN service providers limit access to free users, there is however a data download limit.

5. Open VPN

Also known as Private Tunnel VPN, Open VPN is a very popular free VPN service and is also one of the best free VPN software. One major advantage of Open VPN is offers protection with VPN apps for desktop and mobile devices on the Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS platforms.

Open VPN supports up to 3 devices concurrently, has 9 server locations worldwide and supports Cloud VPN. Open VPN is easy to use but offers just 200MB data for free users. Open VPN premium plans start at $30 a year if you require extra data and features.

Best Paid VPN Software and Services

There are many paid VPN services out there which makes it difficult to choose, this is a list of the top paid VPN services currently based on user reviews.

1. IP Vanish VPN

Consistently rated the top Virtual Private Network Company in the world, IP Vanish VPN offers a zero log feature which makes it one of the most private VPN services out there. The company has over 40 thousand IP addresses, 700 servers in 60 locations in the United States. IP Vanish supports VPN for Kodi, the popular online streaming platform which enables access to media internationally.

IP Vanish VPN plans start at $7.5 monthly and $58.49 yearly, offers money back guarantee and supports Bitcoin. IP Vanish VPN is currently among the top 3 fastest VPN services worldwide according to PCMag.

2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a Panamanian VPN company which has 2000 IP addresses, 1087 servers in 61 locations. They offer 6 concurrent connections beating most competitors who mostly offer 5. Nord VPN plans start at $3.29 monthly for a 2 year plan, $69 for a yearly plan and $11.95 for a recurrent monthly plan. Nord VPN offers dedicated IP services, 30 day full refund policy and more.

3. Express VPN

Express VPN has a large network of fast VPN servers in 84 countries worldwide and offers reliable and private VPN connections with an easy to use connection kill switch. Express VPN has 15,000 IP addresses, 1700+ servers in 145 locations. Express VPN supports Bitcoin and also offers a 30 day money refund guarantee, it is also named among PCMag’s top 3 fastest VPN services. Express VPN pricing starts at $6.67 monthly for a yearly plan with 3 bonus months included.

4. Golden Frog VPN

This Swiss VPN company offers over 200 thousand IP addresses which makes it have the VPN company with the highest number of IP addresses, it has over 700 servers in over 70 locations worldwide. Golden Frog VPN service offers dedicated IP address, connection kill switch, scrambled OpenVPN packets but disappointingly logs connection data, offers no Bitcoin support and has no money back guarantee.

Golden Frog VPN pricing starts at $9.95 for a monthly plan and $80 for a yearly plan.

5. Hide My Ass VPN

Hide My Ass VPN is a UK based Virtual Private Network service which allows P2P and torrents, offers support for game consoles and many other devices. Hide My Ass VPN software supports Bitcoin payments, offers money back guarantee but logs connections. The VPN company has 3,106 IP addresses, 830 servers spread across 280 locations worldwide.

Hide My Ass VPN pricing starts at $11.52 for their monthly plan and $78.66 for a yearly plan.

6. Pure VPN

Consistently rated one of the best VPN software by top tech websites and users, Pure VPN is currently rated the fastest VPN service worldwide. The VPN company has 95 thousand IP addresses, 500 servers, 180 server locations and is based in Hong Kong. Pure VPN supports Kodii and Chromebook.

It is one of the biggest VPN services worldwide, it offers top performance and very competitive pricing. The company however logs connection data but is very clear on the information it collects. Pure VPN also offers a not so cool 7 day Money Back Guarantee unlike others who offer up to 30 days money back guarantee. Pure VPN does not support Bitcoin currently.

Pure VPN pricing starts at $3.25 monthly for the 2 year plan and $70.80 for a yearly plan.

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