Winftp Latest Version Free Download & Installation

Winftp is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client software and is one of the best free, open source FTP services. WinFTP is also known as WinSCP and boasts of high performance and several features including:

  • Broken upload and download resumption
  • Command Line
  • Drag and drop support
  • Scripting and Task Automation
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Session Control Protocol
  • SOCKS proxy support
  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive

Winftp is free to download and use, the software is available as a desktop app for Windows OS and can also be used on Apple Macbooks if Windows OS is installed. WinSCP is also available as a portable app which can be used on any computer without needing to install it, it can be saved on a USB drive and used on any computer with all files and settings intact.

WinFTP is a superb FTP client and is used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, it supports File Transfer Protocol, Secure FTP and Session Control Protocol services. WinFTP has a Commander View which provides several advanced options for more power and usability such as accessing multiple servers simultaneously.

WinFTP also offers command line features for more control which is especially good for developers.

FTP Clients provide tools for users to transfer files to and from their computers to remote servers on the internet. If you need to backup files offsite, upload files to your website, share files with associates, you need to download a good FTP client. FTP Clients also enable file downloads from the internet using FTP servers.

A good FTP Client has to have very strong security features such as encryption and authentication to ensure hackers do not get access to your files, it should also be customizable and enable upload and download pausing and resuming. Furthermore, it should be able to resume dropped connections automatically.

WinFTP provides these features and more, it is very easy to use with its drag and drop functionality, session saving, password saving, directory comparison for missing file check and more.

Winftp is not compatible with Mac OS and Linux OS and is recommended as the app of choice for connecting to remote servers.

Other good free FTP Clients include:

  • FileZilla
  • Cyberduck
  • WS_FTP
  • FTP Voyager
  • CoffeeCup Free FTP
  • FireFTP

How to Download and Install WinFTP

Downloading, installing and using Winftp is very easy, simply download the Winftp Client Software for free and follow these instructions:

Before you establish an FTP connection, you need to note the Host name, server protocol, account username and the account password.

  • Download the WinSCPsetup.exe app to your PC
  • Double Click the file to begin Installation
  • Follow the instructions
  • Once the Installation is finished, open the app
  • A Login Dialog box will appear
  • Select the File Protocol
  • Type in the host name, username and password
  • Save the session details for future use
  • Click the Login button to Connect to the Server

To install WinSCP for Mac users, simply install Windows OS on your Macbook and follow the steps above.

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